• 21.9.2018

    Vernissage "Soziale Hässlichkeit"

  • 20.-21.10.2018

    Open atelier days


Hi there you film geeks!

My film CopyVersum, that I solely filmed with my mobile phone using a copy machine, finally had some electronic music – composed by me (as I played music for some 20 years or so) – added. Furthermore applied for the „2 days animation“ festival in Vienna in November. Let’s see.

I proudly present the news, that my image film will be exhibited, together with the works of Regina Hadraba, at the „Dokumentationszentrum für moderne Kunst“ in St.Pölten in Lower Austria. See some press release here.

This film describes the colaboration of the painter Regina Hadraba and the writer Faye Hell. In the framework of Faye’s poems it tells how they came together to influence each other and how they work with each other towards a common rythm. The beautiful animations were done by Johannes Doppler, who studied together with me at kunstschule.wien and who finished with diploma July 2018.