Christoph Uiberacker (alias Chris.Ui) was born in Vienna/Austria in 1972. After a study in Chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna, he focused on theory and worked for 15 years as a research assistant in theoretical chemistry and physics. Painting since his childhood days, he decided to concentrate on arts after a few years of teaching at a public school. In 2016 he started his study of Film/Animation and Comic at

He works predominantly in the field of Photography as well as Film/Video. He paints with water- and oil colors, pastel, markers and calligraphy brushes. He likes to work expressively and on large formats, sometimes using both hands simultaneously.

His topics involve the human body, culture and society, and deal with space as a concept of home. This can be a real (architectural) space or a virtual one like public space.

Recent exhibitions show Video installations of his 6 variations of church together with his sculpture Drown or solidarity in a church. In this exhibition as well as in The gold of the West he used performances to question the role of art today. His photographs show Sci-Fi scenarios, discuss the Concept of power as well as compare houses and their illuminated windows to human psychology (Inside – Out) and decayed industrial architecture to the human body to question what gives “Character”. Crossroad Map uses a multi-perspective approach, combining photos of an object from many angles of view.

Chris likes to work with text and slogans, like in his Urban Alphabet. Furthermore, he plays with changing the weights of design elements when replicating a walkie-talkie or radio in porcelain. In a recent print project he uses social topics of the EU to design paper money.