Neue Zeiten (A new Era)

Neue Zeiten“ („A new Era“) speculates with a resign of the governement of „Aufstria“, a fictitious country in the middle of „The World“, which ran well with mainstream, right-wing conservative politics, but suddenly realized that this was no good. A new constitution is created, with love&peace as a central value. The new police force is thereafter called „Hippie Police“, due to its freedom of hairstyle and alternative outfit, smoking dope for concentrating on its tasks, and converting criminals into good citizens by endless discussions. Well, it all started with the idea of the satirical play „Die Neujahrsansprache des Bundeskünstlers“ (new year‘s speech of the Bundeskünstler), produced by the fictitious „Wegschau TV“, a „cell“ of the Bundeskünstler, who still promotes old-school right-wing ideas. I planned to air this „play“ already on 1.1.2018, to stand up against the new dreadful governement of my home country Austria, but time was too short. This was good in a way, as I had a year to think about it. And done so I then created „Neue Zeiten“ together with Sonjuschka – it was much fun and a pleasure to work with you, my luv!